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      • The best surf, the biggest parties, nature and an unbreakable bond to our traditions as a country, is what can be used to describe the Central Region of Panama in the best way possible.

        Surely if you choose to visit this region of Panama, you will be surprised by the diversity that this area has to offer in nature, culture and traditions.

      • La Pollera

        Panama Culture
        Panama's National Custom.
    • Eastern Region
      • Panama’s Eastern Region is “the last frontier of the country”.  It is home to our largest national park, some of the most unique indigenous cultures, nature and paradise islands!

        This is certainly not the region for the traveler looking comfort, but the perfect location for the traveler that wants a real adventure and immerse in both, nature and culture.

      • Harpy Eagle

        Harpy Eagle
        Panama's National Bird.
    • Metro Region
      • The Metro Region of Panama is home to Panama City, the capital of of the country. This is the narrowest part of the continent, and the place where you can go from one ocean to the other in an hour.

        Logistics and transportation are at the core of how this region have grown, and it is sprinkled with healthy doses of historical sites, great nature, and of course, the Panama Canal.

      • Panama City

        Panama City
        Capital of the Republic of Panama.
    • Western Region
      • Panama’s Western Region is home to the “Highlands”, one of the most productive areas of the country. Exotic archipelagos, a wealth of nature, and a “sub-culture” of its own, this region has the right components for everybody.

        It’s your choice how to enjoy of this beautiful region that provides nature, culture, beaches and a lot of adventure opportunities, and adapted to all budgets.

      • Barú Volcano

        Baru Volcano
        The highest mountain of the country.
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Why Panama?

The beauty of Planet Earth is undeniable, and Panama is certainly blessed with a great deal of of those beauties!

There is a Panama for you! The Panama for the travelers that are looking to relax and be pampered. The Panama for the traveler that wants to learn and experience the local culture and traditions. The Panama for the traveler that wants to go “off the beaten path”. The Panama for the nature lover. The Panama you don’t know yet you need, is just waiting for you!

Why ReConTur?

Choosing your vacation to Panama, is the fist step.  Getting the right partner to provide the experience up to the expectations set is a different story. ReConTur, S.A., has been in the business for over a decade in which our main goal has always been to present and provide our clients unique experiences suited for their needs, requirements and interests.

Our services are private for your party, therefore, there is a large amount of flexibility into how you can enjoy the destination and its highlights.  Additional to the flexibility, we support our services with the expertise of professional tour guides registered with the Autoridad de Turismo de Panama.

If certain elements of what you want to do are unclear, worry not, as you can contact us at any moment, and we will be delighted to clear your doubts and answer all your questions. Our goal is to become your travel consultant in anything and everything about Panama!

Contact Us!


  • Condor Outfitters has been using Recontur, S.A. for guide, hotel and transfer services for many years and have found their services to always be excellent. Their guides are very well trained and the reviews we get from our clients are always excellent regarding the services Recontur provides. Recontur will provide services for as few as 1 guest and groups that we have sent upwards of 40 guest. Their buses are clean and in good operating conditions. If there is ever a problem of any kind Recontur is quick to correct the situation. When ever possible we choose Recontur, S.A. over other operators as we feel they give the best “customer service” to our clients. We highly recommend Recontur, S.A. as a quality tour operator in Panama.

    Lori Snow
    CEO Condor Tours and Travel
  • Pre Travel Date Planning was exstensive and with many options (full descriptions of tours) provided by RECONTUR that gave us a hands-on approach to what we wanted to see and experience. Arrival: Driver (Tony) and Auto/Van were at the airport l@ 11:00 p.m waiting for us to transport us to our pre-booked Hotel. A great relief for weary travellers to have our transportation ready for us at that late hour of the day. Tours : Arranged Transportation was always on time, regardless of when (TIME) we departed from our Hotel (which was more than adequate at a very reasonable price) along with our exceptional ‘guide’ Roberto… whose patience and willingness to please us by anticipating our needs for information as well as our likes and dislikes, clearly went beyond our expectations. Driver and Tour Guide were always with us ensuring a trouble free vacation, while at the same time providing history of country and events and detail about of flora and fauna to add significant meaning to what we were experiencing. RECONTUR also provided additional information of things to do and see that were not scheduled Tours, which we opted to do on our own, that without question, greatly enhanced our overall travel experience in Panama.

    Bill Caceres
    Direct Client
  • I visited Panama with a friend from Colorado who lived in Panama for 30 years. Yenia was so gracious to make accommodating arrangements, and to make sure we had everything we needed, tickets, cars, maps, contacts, etc. She even changed the plans along the way when they were needed. I would highly recommend her services. She worked hard to make our visit fantastic.

    Susie Van Sicke
    Direct Client
  • RECONTUR S.A. provided our group with excellent guides and drivers. Their prices were significantly lower than other tour groups, and they are an excellent example of how quality doesn’t necessarily have to cost more. They can arrange tours anywhere within Panama at a fraction of the price you might pay to a tour group based in the States. They can also arrange ANCON tours for your party and coordinate these into your trip. If this doesn’t work, just write what you’d like for me to say about you.

    Chris Lambert
    Intelligent Marketing Solutions
  • I am one of those travelers who loves being there—and hates getting there. On this, my first trip to Panama, ReConTur, ably represented by its owner, Yenia Mendoza, did an outstanding job with all the arrangements, from the flights to the ground transportation to the delightful hotels, leaving the tour participants free to concentrate on what brought us all there in the first place: the birds! Rarely have I felt so well taken care while traveling abroad, and my affectionate thanks go to Yenia and her marvelous staff and collaborators.

    Rick Wright
    Editor at Winging It
  • Yenia, words just don’t seem to express my pleasure and amazement with the arrangements and tours that you made for our group while we toured Panama! Especially since I had lived in Panama for 30 years, I don’t think that anyone could beat the prices and tours that I knew of, but you exceeded in every way! A big thank you!

    Betsy Imig
    Direct Client
  • Yenia Mendoza did a wonderful job arranging our trip to Panama. She worked us through lots of complex schedule changes to prepare a fantastic 10-day vacation that was perfectly suited to our interests and requests. Everything happened exactly as planned. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who wants a customized vacation in a beautiful and fascinating country.” Joel Gallant and Joel Meneses Baltimore, Maryland

    Joel Gallant
    Direct Client
  • Dear Yenia, I want to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent experience with the Panama La Verde Birding Circuit. The perfection of the tour started with your excellent work as the ReConTur, S.A. tour organizer. Not only were you obviously very detail oriented and over-saw each aspect of the tour from transportation to guides, and food preferences to timing, but you are a BIRDER who understands the importance of flexibility in scheduling and trail selection; a non-birder simply could not have organized such a perfect tour. The fact that you speak fluent English insured there were no misunderstandings, therefore every detail of the trip went as smooth as silk.
    Thank you for a very special experience.

    Dariene Smyth
    Direct Client

The right tour for you is awaiting. Search for the the experience you want to have in Panama in your upcoming vacations!

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