USD188.00 per person


Tuesdays to Sundays


Private Group.


Kids are welcome.

This tour had been designed to be performed in a chronological order, however the order of the activities may vary in convenience to enhance your experience.  The times presented are a guideline to departures from City Hotels.  If you are staying in an outside city limits hotels, please do inform at the time of booking to provide you with an appropriate time for departure.  Traffic can be a major element affecting this tour.


Private Pick up at your hotel


Your driver and guide will pick you up at the hotel to head towards the Miraflores Locks.

Panamá La Vieja


Upon arrival to the Old Panama City or Panama La Vieja, you will head for the main plaza of the settlement where we will go thru the brand new site museum that speaks about the history prior and post arrival of the Spaniards.  You will also have the chance to stroll around the monuments present in the site before moving to Casco Antiguo.

Casco Antiguo


After your ride from Panama La Vieja, you will enter Casco Antiguo.  This World Heritage Site is vibrant and full of life. Your professional tour guide will lead you around this historical compound to see the areas of interests such as the Cathedral Plaza, the Esteban Huertas Premonade, the French Plaza as well as some of the beautiful churches that may be opened at the time of your visit.

After working your appetite, lunch will be served in one of the local restaurants at Casco Antiguo.  A soft drink will be included with lunch.

Miraflores Locks & Miraflores Lake


After your transfer from Casco Antiguo, you will have the time to enjoy the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center and everything it has to offer.  The visit includes three main elements:

  Observation area for the operations of the Panama Canal. (There's a bleachers area crossing the atrium and a standing area in the 4th floor.

  Exhibits.  The Visitors Center protrays a 4 storeys exhibit where you go from the historical side of the construction of the Panama Canal to the importance of fresh water and the forests that are surrounding it.  Politics make an appearance around the exhibits, but everything remains very interesting.

  Video.  The video presentation takes place every hour on the hour in English.  This short video (12 minutes) enhances your understanding of the Panama Canal, and it is highly reccommended for you to see it.

Your professional tour guide will be with you providing extra information when going around the exhibits, as well as when you are in the observation area you choose.  When you are in the observation areas, a Panama Canal site guide will be also providing constant information as to what's happening in front of you, so your guide can compliment this information.

Return to your hotel


After you finish your visit to the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center, you will be transferred to your hotel.  The average time to get to your hotel can be within 30 and 45 minutes, yet it can last a little bit longer due to commuters traffic.


Panama City Tour Highlights


Get a grasp of the evolution of this vanguardist city, that keeps evolving and re-shaping itself.  Within your tour, there are some highlights that we suggest you look forward.


  Panama La Vieja Cathedral Tower

  Panama La Vieja Museum

  Casco Antiguo in general.

  Casco Antiguo Churches.

  Casco Antiguo Plazas.

  Esteban Huertas Premonade.

  Souvenirs and Handycrafts

  Miraflores Locks

This tour includes the following:

  Private Transportation with driver.

  Professional Tour Guide registered with ATP.

  LEntrance fee to Panamá La Vieja.

  Entrance fee to the Miraflores Locks.

  Panama Canal Expert narrator through your transit.

Irregardless of how hard we try to control everything regarding your tour for your satisfaccion, there are still a few things that escape our control.

  This tour only runs Tuesdays to Sundays as many attractions are closed on Mondays.

  Please check with us if the date you are interested on doing the tour doesn't fall on a National Holiday, as sometimes the attractions may close during holidays, so we must doublecheck with them if they will be operating.

  Depending on where you are staying, this tour can demand very early wake up times and transfers to be at the pier. This is due to possible traffic, and to the information the Panama Canal provides the ferry the day before for its operations.

  Be prepared for rain at any moment.

  If the tour guide considers it makes better sense to re-arrange the tour order to improve your overall experience, they are allowed to do so.  This is usually related to what the schedules for transits in the Panama Canal are like for that day and to allow you the experience to visit the Panama Canal when it is operating with ships doing their transits.  Despise of this practice, ships are not guaranteed in the visit to the Miraflores Locks Visitors Centers, as the operations of the Panama Canal are subject to change according to the Panama Canal convinience.

  If your party is larger than 10, we will use a larger transportation to accommodate everybody comfortably.  This also mean that the your walk around Casco Antiguo will start at the Vº Centenario Plaza, from where you will stroll the narrow streets of this ecclectic place.  Once your walk is over, you will walk back to the Vº Centenario Plaza to go back on the bus.

  If you have movility problems, you can always choose to stay in the transportation while the rest of the group walks around.

  Wear comfortable shoes for walking in both the brick roads of Casco Antiguo and the gravle of Panama La Vieja.  We highly discourage the use of flip flops during our tours, as they don't provide with enough support and protection for your feet.

Traveling with Kids

We recommend that you bring the snacks your kid likes.  We also recommend some sort of entertainment for the commutes around the city as traffic can sometimes be on the heavy side.

The Panama City tour has a cost as follows:



USD188.00 per person


USD95.00 per child

Under 12 years old are considered children.  If your kid is 12 or more, they will be considered an adult.


20% Discount in groups of 5+ travelers.