A wide range of tours with emphasis in culture and what makes Panama, Panama.

traditions, folklore, milestones, indigenous groups and much more are part of the selection at your disposal in order for you to learn the true "Panamanian essence"! 



The narrow streets and architecture of Casco Antiguo, the modern high-rises that are spread around the city, and the first city ever built in the Pacific Shores of the continent, are among the main reasons why you shouldn't miss the opportunity to get to know Panama City and its beauty.

Accompany this experience with a visit to the Miraflores Locks to learn about the importance of the Panama Canal for world commerce, and its impact in our economy.

casco & biomuseum

The best of two worlds merge in this experience that will take you in the natural and human history of Panama.  You will stroll the narrow streets of Casco Antiguo, visiting the landmarks of this World Heritage Site before you make your way towards the jewel of architecture that is the Biodiversity Museum in the Causeway of Amador.

In the visit to the museum, you will embark in a natural history path that will narrate the history of our country from a very different perspective.

canal & canal zone

This tour will present you the impact of the Panama Canal construction from the human standpoint.  This colossal project took 10 years to be constructed and left a heritage of enormous wealth in the form of the thousands of people that contributed to its construction, the thousands that stayed in Panama, and the impact that this interaction had in our country.

You will visit the Miraflores Locks to see the Panama Canal, the engineering aspects of it and much more, as well as you will go through some of the neighborhoods that emerged as a result of it.

old panama & huacas

This tour takes you to Old Panama City, a monumental complex that witness the conquest of South America and the impact that these expeditions had at the time.

A part that is usually overseen is the impact that the conquest had in the indigenous groups of the Americas, many of which disappeared as a direct result of this enterprise.  Learn about some of the most unique elements that testify the presence of these groups in the form of gold Huacas.

panama canal transit

Embark in small ferry for an up-close and personal experience of the Panama Canal.  There is no better way to see it and understand how it works than to experience an actual transit through this important waterway.

You have the option to choose a partial transit that takes you through the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks and parts of the Gaillard Cut.  The other option is a full transit that adds to the experience the full Gaillard Cut, the Gatún Lake and the Gatún Locks.

agua clara locks, train ride & Unesco's world heritage site

A new set of locks with larger capacity than the ones in existence is what you will see when visiting the Agua Clara Locks in Colón. Learn about the expansion of the Panama Canal, and if timing is good, get to see the Neo-Panamax ships making their transit.

Compliment this visit with a ride in the historical train in the way to the locks, and visit one of UNESCO's World Heritage Site of the Caribbean side of Panama.

embera cultural visit

When needing a full reconnection with nature, a visit to the Emberá Village is a must!  Embark in a dugout canoe that will take you up the stream of the Chagres River towards a warm welcome by the Embera at their village.  You will have the opportunity to learn about their culture, customs and traditions as well as enjoy a traditional Embera lunch during your visit.

This is a place where you will be able to get "Made in Panama" souvenirs in the form of baskets and carvings.  |  This visit is complimented with a visit to a waterfall nearby if the weather and flow of the river allows for it.

panamanian dinner

Taste the flavors of the Panamanian cuisine in a dinner that will present you with a fine selection of traditional dishes of Panama.  After your dinner, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a Folkloric presentation that includes live music, dance presentations from different corners of Panama, as well as the different attires used according to the occasion.

Among the attires presented, you will also have the chance to see the polleras, the beautiful national dress for Panama.